Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dwayne's Wednesday Robot Romper Room

Metal-Munching Mice (aka Metal Munching Moon Mice): Boris and Natasha's boss Mr. Big from the TV show Rocky & his Friends has hatched a scheme. He will import giant robot mice from the moon and have them eat the television antennas. With no TV, the evil villains will take over when all of the residents of the US go to where there is television. However, their plot is foiled by a ukulele playing Bullwinkle who attracts the mice pied-piper style.

(Image courtesy of Hulu)

Daily Rock Band Name: Rubber Lungs for Iron

It is a totally groovy group man! They're Rubber Lungs for Iron!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dwayne's Wednesday Robot Romper Room

Flying Robot (aka Giant Robot, Giant Robo, Jaianto Robo) is the titular character in the show Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot, or Giant Robot in the Japanese original.  In this show a gigantic robot is built by a captured Dr. Guardian.  This robot will obey whoever speaks to it after it is activated.  Fortunately, it is a kid on the side of truth and justice -- Johnny Sokko -- who controls this giant pharaoh looking robot.  Thus, the plans of Guillotine the Emperor and the Gargoyle gang are constantly thwarted.

(Image courtesy of Hulu)

Daily Rock Band Name: Bantha Pug

Ladies and gentlemen are you ready to rock the house? Then put your hands together for Bantha Pug!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dwayne's Wednesday Robot Romper Room

Ralph-O-Cop: In the episode of The Simpsons called I D'Oh-bot, this robot was built by Chief Wiggum and his son Ralph.  This robot's weapon was a gun, but it was turned on him by Chief-Knock-A-Homer.  Thus, certainly preventing it from destroying us all!

(Image Courtesy of Wiki Simpsons)

Daily Rock Band Name: Hergnrother

I think I saw Hergenrother open for Sigue Sigue Sputnik back in the day.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dwayne's Wednesday Robot Romper Room

Killhammad Aieee: In the episode of The Simpsons called I D'Oh-bot, this robot was built by Professor Frink and his son to fight other robots built by father and son teams.  Homer and Bart were not very successful in building their robot, so Homer pretends to be a fighting robot.  Fortunately for them, Killhammad Aieee follows Isaac Asimov's rules of robotics, so Homer was not pummeled to death.  Thus, Chief-Knock-A-Homer is declared the victor!  No lessons were learned from this episode.

(Image Courtesy of Wiki Simpsons)

Daily Rock Band Name: Seasick Sheep

If you rock -n- roll too much, you might wind up with Seasick Sheep!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Iguana

Today's iguana is fronting a very autumnal backdrop. I hope your Halloween was festive! Happy Friday everyone! (Image courtesy of the Canadian Green Iguana Society)

Daily Rock Band Name: Navies of the Stratosphere

For your love of progressive rock, you cannot do much better than Navies of the Stratosphere!