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Dwayne's Wednesday Robot Romper Room

Bender (aka Bender Bending Rodríguez, Bending Unit 22): He is the robot in the animated series Futurama (voiced by John DiMaggio) He is a drinking, smoking, wisecracking robot who wants to "Kill all humans". What's not to like?

(Image courtesy of Wikipedia)


Stock Pigeons is my cover band for The Byrds.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Live Blogging Gamera vs Gaos

As I stated a few weeks ago, I got the MST3K Gamera pack in the mail. So, naturally, I am going to live blog the watching of it! We have reached the third movie of the five. It is Gamera vs Gaos! Grab your copy and follow along!

Gamera vs Gaos

Theme song - la la la.

Lucile Ball and Harvey Fierstein and the raspies.

Gypsy's impression.

The Mad's invention is printing your inner-self . Hey! Dr. Forrester's inner-self is hot.

Joel's fax machine kleenex dispenser. What's a fax machine?

Frank's inner-self is now Gamera!

Apparently they only could afford ocean shots for the opening credit. Thanks Sandy!

Another lousy theme song.

Pretty good helicopter effect. For shorting, green screen. Good stuff -- until it takes off.

Roadwork company is pushing around the locals. Evil roadwork company!

They're putting the road right through Gamera's house. That sounds like a good idea.

Volcano firing on helicopter. It cut it in half! (Poor effect)

Get Kenny on the Gamera story.

Farmers mean business. Could I get a harumph?

Head man of a mob of farmers? What are you thinking?

Rex Dart reference! I don't think it's the same guy.

Itchy? Must mean Kenny. What kind of name is Itchy anyway?

Bad voice actor...

Farmers and their diabolical sabotage.

When something is glowing green it means there is gold there. Yeah that's it.

Kenny knows newspaper reporters on sight. He must recognize them from their bi-lines.

Kenny will fall for any old story.

That's right Mr. Adult Newspaper Man, ask the boy what something is.

Kenny -- being called boy by newspaper man -- has slingshot. Kenny is Dennis the Menace!

Here is a good idea. Let's go into the mysterious glowing cave.

Why isn't reporter guy taking pictures? He has a camera!

And he's dead.

Watch out for falling Styrofoam!

Gaos has the best roar of the Gamera world so far.

Who will save Kenny? Gamera that is your cue.

The monsters fight over Kenny. Isn't that sweet?

Paper craft with Joel. Don't drink the mucilage. The bots are being precocious.

The bots don't offer good advice -- but the word of the day is booger. So, I'll listen to them.

Gaos is suddenly better shot now. It took several tries to get that slow moving helicopter, but fast moving jets? Only needs one shot.

It's the old rolling Gamera trick.

Kenny falls 200 feet to the safety of Gamera.

With Kenny on the back Gamera takes off. Wouldn't the Gamera flying spin throw him off? Wait he doesn't have to spin to fly?

Oh his name is Eiichi.

Gamera knows where Eiichi lives? Gamera knows everything. Why is Gamera stalking Eiichi?

How is Eiichi going to get off Gamera's back?

Gamera should have thought about that before he put Eiichi on his back.

Is he going to mention the dead reporter?

Here is an idea, let the kid name the monster. Kids know everything. What could go wrong? Gaos? I thought Itchy would name him Scratchy...

Silly scince! He is describing a laser, and not very well.

Monster skeleton!

Two throats? So crazy it might work. (Do they know for sure Gaos has two throats or are they just guessing?)

But what does Eiichi think?

Ineffective army away! Oh wait, airforce first.

Gamera has excellent hearing.

Old TV -- picking up cable.

Gaos roar and cut.

Are the comic relief guys going to survive the movie? Let's watch.

We have found the cows!

Eiichi needs some Ritalin.

Is the construction crew to blame for Gaos?

Greedy farmers won't sell! So, who is the bad guys in this sub-plot? I thought it was the road construction people.

Construction crew mutinies.

Eiichi! He knows everything about Gaos. Everyone should listen to him.

Agil flair system! I didn't see that coming!

Gameron dammeron... a lot for a little.

Gaos is affraid of the light? So, is Gaos a giant vampire or something?

Who would have thought he would fall asleep? I for one am shocked.

Cue tanks. I'm sure it'll work.

Gaos is nothing like Rodan with that wind power thing.

Hey a real train. They are pulling out all the stops!

Rampage. It is only a model.

Everyone turn on your lights. It must be a plot by Montgomery Burns.

Fakey car driving footage -- for that?

Gaos's flapping can stave off Gamera. If we had only known.

Mid-air collision.

Laser vs Gamera shell? Shell wins!

They were very high up or they fall really slow.

The sun rises fast in Japan!

Did Gaos lose a foot? Yep. How will he cope with that?

Gaos is shrinking? Perhaps a useless plot point.

More silly science! Love the silliness of it!

So, Gaos shrinks when exposed to UV. Gaos is a shrinky-dink. He's not a vampire after all.

The green glow (which we know is because of gold) is regenerative. Hello foot!

A UV laser would never work.

Eiichi tell us what to do.

Silly spinning science, but that part of the plan was not thought up by Eiichi.

Is there anything Eiichi doesn't know?

Why is construction guy in charge of the spinning hotel? Isn't he in charge of the highway? Couldn't they get anyone else?

A blood lure -- of course! Why didn't Eiichi think of that?

Farmers want to deal now? Their timing is great. You tell them old man!

Fake blood is the mans greatest achievement!

Tom Servo and must be the Crow Show. Gaos "The Great" spinning the Gameras.

Gaos is on the loose deploy the blood. Are we sure he isn't a vampire?

Operation blood spray is in full effect start the top.

Why doesn't Gaos fall off because of inertia? Please Eiichi, explain that to me.

One minute to sunrise. What five minutes now? Can't anyone tell time?

Dizzy Gaos plan didn't work. But, it was so well thought out.

Hey Eiichi call Gamera again!

Farmer subplot is getting tired. Not sure who to root for. Can't Gaos kill them all?

Eiichi's sister in a heartfelt plea. Drama!

Eiichi is hatching a plan. I'm sure it'll work.

It starts with a fire. Fire! Fire! Ritalin would sure help Eiichi.

How could Eiichi's plan fail? There is no possible way!

Drop more napalm!

And here comes Gamera.

Fight fight fight.

Gamera 2 minutes for boarding.

Gamera got a good hunk of something.

Gamera is floating like a butterfly.

Dropped from the top rope.

Suddenly Gamera is getting beat up. Try plugging Gaos's mouth with a rock.

Brutal. Gaos has pink blood.

Japanese nights are really short. It's dawn already. I guess time flies when the monster's fight.

Gamera drags Gaos into the volcano.

Farmers decide to accept the evil road crew's offer even after they released the vampire Gaos and caused all that destruction. Road crew wins!

Eiichi waves goodbye.

Hey a highlight real. We could have saved a bunch of time by showing this. Very little Road crew/Farmer subplot. It was like it was completely unnecessary...

The End.

How to off Gaos. All those suggestions would be better than the movie.

Push the button Frank.

Serengeti Nymph

Get ready to rock! It is Serengeti Nymph!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dwayne's Wednesday Robot Romper Room

Gobots (aka garbage, trash, are-you-kidding-me, Transformers-mentally-challenged-cousins): The Gobots were a byproduct of corporate competition. In 1983, Tonka rushed to put its version of vehicle changing robots on the market when it heard that Hasbro was releasing its Transformer line which came out a year later. Although Tonka was first in the market place the robots lacked any background and some "transformed" merely by standing up. There was not much more thought put into the cartoon tie-in as the toys. As a result we had such characters with great names like Scooter for a scooter, Tank for yep, a tank, and even though Cy-Kill was a cool name for a motorcycle the only thing he killed was the idea that robots are cool in the minds of many preschoolers.

(Image courtesy of Wikipedia - Snark 100% Dwayne)

Sasquatch in Stillwater

Give it up for Sasquatch in Stillwater!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Iguana

Another image of Hank on Friday Iguana.  Hank decided he wanted to hang out with me while I was at my computer.  So, he made himself comfortable on the old loveseat I have in the basement.  Isn't he adorable?

Photobombing Fish!

Let's hear it for this fine jam band -- Photobombing Fish!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dwayne's Wednesday Robot Romper Room

ED-209 (aka Enforcement Droid Series 209): ED-209 served as the robot's version of Steve Urkel (a little Family Matters reference for you) in 1987's RoboCop. Looking a lot like an Imperial AT-ST from Return of the Jedi, ED-209 was one of RoboCop's better armed foes. Fortunately, little things like buggy programming and the inability to descend stairs worked in RoboCop's favor.

(Image courtesy of Wikipedia)

Robot Skin

Let's hear it for: Robot Skin!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Live Blogging Gamera vs Baragon

As I stated in a previous blog post last week, I got the MST3K Gamera pack in the mail.  So, naturally, I am going to live blog the watching of it.  So, put in your copy of Gamera vs Baragon and follow along!

Title song - la la la

DOS vs Mac interfaith war -- System 7? This was a LONG time ago (in computer terms.)

Joel’s invention exchange expands conscience about recycling with animatronic Orange Crush can

Tom Servo’s head pops up! Perhaps the only time that happens.

Disco cumber-bubble-bun - is a thighmaster bubble machine...

Sandy Frank joke!

Another ocean opening sequence -- snoozeville, but the theme music is better.

Clip show... ends with different result. Gamera doesn’t make it to Mars after all. A ‘meteor’ prevents Gamera from reaching Mars.

Gamera gets colorized and destroys dam for no reason. So is Gamera bad again?

Gamera rampage right off the bat then he flies away. Where is Kenny?

Gamera moves into a volcano. Evicts mad scientist one would assume. Is this the last we’ll see of Gamera?

Japanese geisha music -- not rock and roll.

This is the Pilot's last day. This could be bad...

Smoking and gun powder what could go wrong?

Pilot wants to own flight company, so he doesn’t die in a plane accident on his last day. Darn the luck!

Huge opal in the jungle. Could this be a plot point?

Why the secrecy? Are they doing something illegal?

Fake ids for everyone!

Maru must mean boat. Lots of Japanese boats are named something Maru. See Kobiyashi Maru.

New Guinea is nice this time of year.

This plan makes no sense.

Working on a boat is hard. The maker of the fake ID’s has cush job. Huh...

Native dancers!

Incoming chopper!

GPS would be so helpful now.

Natives speak Japanese (er dubbed English) well one does. Very convenient to have such a pretty translator.

It's the doctor!

Will pretty lady lead us to our cave.

Apparently there is only one cave in all of New Guinea.

This expedition is legit, so no need for help. That is why all of the fake ID stuff right?

Lets piss off the locals!

I want this MST3K advertised “5000-piece Men and Monster” set. Lights, Gamera, Action series does not includes Gamera -- need the Monster expansion pack.

Who needs a guide? Apparently all roads lead to the cave. They just quickly walk there. Since there is only one, what could be easier?

Death scorpion in three two one...

That’s going to leave a mark.

And he’s dead, and we’ve discovered the villain of the movie!

Pilot is probably next... lucky he is needed to fly them out of there.

Give me the opal and I'll give you the gun.

Let’s look for more treasure. Um you are doing it wrong.

Grenades with fuses?

Pilot lives! He survived the cave falling in on him. That is quite lucky, but where is the opal?

Pretty girl wants to know about the treasure. What did they find in the cave? What was so valuable to kill over?

Hey! How did opal thief get away without the helicopter? Isn’t that why they needed a pilot in the first place?

Science cannot explain the opal?

Send the pretty lady!

So if the egg leaves the cave it will hatch? Even after 20 years? Baragon’s life cycle is so confusing.

Egg hatched in a terrible sequence.

Wait. The sea crew doesn't miss the dead guys? They are making a fuss over the remains the bad guy brought back -- but don’t notice he left two friends behind. Yeah, I can see that.

Boat explodes -- then they call to abandon ship? Wasn’t anyone paying attention? Good thing they were in harbor at the time.

You asked about his real name, but they were using fake ones. Don’t you remember your own plan? Again, why did you make it so complicated?

Opal is with the ship.

Rough bathtub -- er -- sea.

Models they are going down!


This must be Baragon.

Another awful Gamera related roar. The Godzilla family of roars are much better.

Baragon and his fist-tongue of destruction.

Not getting the sketch. TGI Tokyo? Not your best work folks.

Everything requires money. What is the point of the pilot giving you all that money at the beginning?

Admits to murder then gets beat up by the cripple.

Horrible fight, but bad guy wins. I’m sure they’ll be okay.

Evacuate the city but baddies have to stay. They need to get the opal, so that makes sense. Dollars over death I always say.

Rampage with tanks. Who would have guessed they would be ineffective?

The fist tongue shoots ice too!

Airplanes attack. As effective as tanks.

Missiles will work for sure! (With same missile joke that was in Gamera...)

Baragons rainbow spikes of heat-giving death -- or something. It is official! Baragon is lame.

Gamera is attracted to the rainbow. What does that mean? Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Pretty lady has a link to Baragon Is she the Kenny? She just knows stuff about the giant monster. So everyone listen to her.

Mr. Bad guy, I am more alive than you thought!

The opal is an egg I don't believe it.

Better fight but not by much.

I'll put my money on the pilot.

I'm sure that post will hold him.

Is she a vampire or something?

Baragon’s weakness is water? Wasn't he in the water when he sank the boat? Baragon doesn’t get any less lame.

Opals and diamonds! New Guinea is a treasure trove of giant jewels!

Greed will kill us all.

Operation diamond!

Diamonds are a kaiju’s best friend!

Operation Diamond is a failure. I would have never guessed.

Dis the pretty lady.

How about waking up Gamera? Could Gamera help? Isn’t this movie Gamera vs. Baragon?

Science helps those who know too much.

Baragon is a freak, so he doesn't like diamonds. Radioactive diamonds on the other hand...

May I reiterate that Baragon is a lame monster. He can't get wet.

Ruby light emitter will be much more effective with a diamond.

The diamond light works better than just dangling it why?

Car won't start. That is a shock. Someone delay Baragon in some dramatic fashion until we can start the car!

To the lake!

It looked like a Beetle with suicide doors.

Stars in Gamera movie like Willem Defoe...

The heavy is here for the diamond. Tying him to the post didn’t work. This won’t end well.

And he’s dead.

Baragon refuses to get wet. What are they going to do?

Pilot and pretty lady are going to make out -- but wait.

Rainbow death ray can be reflected with mirrors.

A big mirror is our ultimate weapon.

Is Gamera even in this movie?

The mirror worked! Oh, wait.

The rainbow is done, but what now.

Cue Gamera.

Of course they'll fight. Baragon used his ice shooting fist tongue of death on Gamera. He’s got a score to settle.

Of course, Gamera knows Baragon's weakness instintively.

And Baragon is dead, but what about Gamera who destroyed that dam at the beginning.

And now the moral of the story...

Romance is complete...

Ocean credits again...

Rare ending sketch. Books about Kaijus -- including books on tape.


Push the button Frank!

Unexpected Mobile Rainbows

I think I saw Unexpected Mobile Rainbows open for Jefferson Starship.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Iguana

Today's iguana is Hank again.  He likes to hang out with this guy on the other side of this glass thing.  It is sort of that time of year, so these two hang around together a lot.  Happy Friday!

Banana-Hiding Weasels

Give it up for the Banana-Hiding Weasels!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Live Blogging Gamera!

As I stated in a previous blog post this week, I got the MST3K Gamera pack in the mail.  So, naturally, I am going to live blog the watching of it.  So, put in your copy and follow along!

MST3K Gamera

Opening theme -- la la la.

Exercising and warm-up activities with diction help from Tom Servo.

Joel's all you can eat take-out salad. (That's one weird salad.)

Frank introduces his pet vacuum. Bye bye Tweety!

Movie sign!!!

Boring water credits.

Camera -- er -- Gamera

Joel and the bots are making fun of Japanese names.

Toy planes.

Bad dubs...

Toy boat.

Telegraph humor.

Bad dubs -- oh wait these people are speaking English.

Dog fight. USA USA.

Nukes on that shot down plane. Whose was it? Hey this is important. Which country was flying nukes? We have a right to know!

Naturally, the plane crash (with the nukes) awakens Gamera.

The American actors in this movie are horrible.

Legendary stone. Brings evil. Of course!

Great Eskimo face. Not quite Rex Dart, but lots of character.

Gamera's snow fort.

Where are they going to go when they abandon ship? Wouldn't being on life boats be just as bad?

New York played by a matte painting.

Why is the doctors daughter there at the press conference? Is she going to add anything?

Gamera is dead already! Movie's over! Hey wait a minute...

Hey, it's that guy!

Gamera fly-by!

Overly dramatic.

The photographer survived because of whiskey -- or love.


Kenny is obsessed with turtles. This can't end well.

Motherless Kenny stealing food for turtle -- Tibby!

Free Gamera!

Release the turtles!

Kenny frees Tibby, the box turtle. Or, does he?

Tibby song. Well done Servo.

Crow dissed servo with salmonella joke. Reptiles always getting dissed because of salmonella. Hey! There is salmon right in the name! Why not blame the fish?

Gamera and Kenny together at last.

A friendship made in a radioactive heaven. Too bad a lighthouse had to bite it -- oh and all of those dead people.

Gamera is good! Again, tell that to the families of the victims of Gamera's rampage.

So that's a phone.

Unreliable sources spread rumors about Gamerea.

Tibby or not Tibby -- That is Crow's question.

Kenny's turtle is gone? Didn't think so.

Wild turtle chase! Too bad turtles are known for being so speedy.

Gamera rampage at last!

Doctor vouching for stalker. It's a lovely moment.

We should try science!

Nah we'll use tanks

Maximum power renews Gamera so start the tanks. I know it'll work this time. It isn't like turtle shells are tough or anything.


Gamera roar -- not as good as Godzilla's

How do you solve a problem like Gamera

That guy in the wig and fake beard is a scientist I can tell.

Fire missiles -- extra missiles.

Listen to the kid -- Kenny knows. After all, he is obsessed with turtles.

Oh! Gamera feeds on fire. Did you guys note that?

Wait wasn't Gamera found in the ice and snow. Now he likes the heat?

Not Devils Mountain!

I wonder how long we have with this freezer bomb? They never say how long we have like is it 10 minutes? 10 minutes? Is it 10 minutes? I am guessing it is 10 minutes. It gives us 10 minutes right? 10 minutes?

Everybody hates Kenny -- truer words have never been spoken.

Throw the book at the delinquent!

Freezebomb away! How much time do we have?

What are they drilling?

Oh! they are placing dynamite. Did anyone mention that Gamera eats fire? How is this dynamite thing suppose to work?

Yeah that'll work. I have all the confidence in the world in Mr. Scientist and his scientist friends.

A turtle will die because its on its back! That is a scientific fact. Plus it'll only take a few minutes.

Jets for legs!

Gamera can fly upside down!

They should have consult the stone before they tried that dynamite thing!

That guy again!

Kenny has a new hobby building Gamera a house.

Kenny in Tokoyo. Why? Right because Gamera is going to attack there.

See Tokyo tower -- it'll be destroyed soon.

Tibby and Gamera are cousins. I am taking Kenny's word on that.

Who would throw rocks into a river. Nevertheless, why was Kenny collecting rocks? How are these rocks important? Good thing they are not a part of the plot or I would be lost.

At some point this movie will begin to make sense -- I can dream can't I?

Why do these people trust this doctor? He has shown no expertise in anything. He hasn't been right about anything yet.

Not Plan-Z!

Models mean more rampaging!

Rock and roll Japan style.

Gamera is hip with these cool cats. They don't have to split dad!

Hey! I thought Gamera liked kids. These teens probably picked on Kenny so they deserved to die!

Yeah Rampage! There is Tokyo tower going down!

Supercar wasn't so Super...

Gamera is doing bad things. Does Kenny know about this?

Kenny tells Gamera to behave, and he does?

Japan, The U.S., and Russia cooperating during the cold war. Yeah, that's likely.

This zoologist hasn't been right before, why do they trust him now.

What do you know he was right!

Kenny eat fire!

Darn he survived.

I am sure Z-Plan will work. Is it Plan-Z or Z-Plan?

How will Kenny get to where Gamera is being lured? Stow away -- doesn't anyone watch this kid?

Gamera in space. Mike Nelson as Gamera talking to the Satellite of Love.

And here is Kenny.

I think Kenny doesn't mind going with the pretty lady.

Good news we've found Kenny. Bad news is that he is in the kill zone.

Z-Plan involves burning the ocean. How is this water burning exactly?

I think Mr Science could be right. Damn typhoon.

The wind put out the ocean fire.

Photographer guy stows away too. Anyone can stow away in Japan.

Mr Expert didn't know Gamera ate fire. Some expert.

Still not clear what the plan was.

Wait what happened?

Its a lovely matte painting. Why are they showing it?

It's a trap!

So, why was Kenny excited about Z Plan?

Did they just launch a turtle to Mars?

What is Gamera going to eat and breath and...?

These end credits are like the opening ones. Nothing but ocean.

Cast recap including that guy (Who is Bokuzen Hidari who appeared in The Seven Samarai and other 2 other Kurosawaa films.)


Push the button Frank!

Squid of Honor

It is been a while since I linked to the WMAGNFARB creator. So, I bring you Squid of Honor.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dwayne's Wednesday Robot Romper Room

Mechagodzilla (aka Mecha-G, the Bionic Monster, Cosmic Monster, Kiryu): One day there is this atomic-powered reptile minding his own business in Japan in1974's Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. When some jerks (who look like warty-faced rejects from the Planet of the Apes) hailing from the Third Planet in the Black hole (it is nice for them to give us their address, just in case you want to drop them a line) decide to take over the Earth. What to do? Godzilla will easily roast them to little atomic piles, so they get this great idea. Make a robotic Godzilla. Which is actually pretty cool. So, cool in fact that other aliens will resurrect Mecha-G to fight the Big G in a sequel. Then later Mecha-G is reinvented as a good guy while Godzilla plays the heavy.

(Image courtesy of the Godzilla Wiki)

A Friendly IT Rant

An open letter to Android developers.

To whom it may concern:

First, may I say some of you are doing great work! While I do not have a large number of apps on my phone and tablet, I am pleased with the ones that I have kept. Obviously, I deleted the ones that I was not pleased with.

Second, much of this would also include Apple products, but I have already stated how I feel about those. So, I am ignoring you lot!

Now, I would like to remind all of you that every Android device runs on battery power. Tablets, phones, mp3-type players are all powered by rechargeable batteries. Thus, power consumption is an issue with these devices. Users want as much battery life as possible.

With that in mind, I would like to inform you -- if you were not aware -- that CPU cycles use power. Whenever an application is running, it requires some CPU. Perhaps it does not require much, but any little bit can make a difference. Even an application that is not being actively used, requires some power as long as it is running.

That is why I am puzzled about your practices. I have a grand total of ONE application that quits when I back out of it. One! One Android developer was kind enough to quit the application when I am through with it. The rest require some sort of task killer application to shut them down. What?

I am not only blaming independent developers. I have a few apps on my phone that my provider has decided are required for me. I cannot delete them unless I root my phone which I am hesitant to do. (Although I am becoming tempted.) These things -- which I have never launched -- run in the background all the time. Some process that my provider will not let me kill launches these useless apps. Using up my battery!

Is it so difficult to cause an application to quit when it loses focus? I know it is possible because I have one app that does it. I realize it would make these task killer apps obsolete, but would that be so bad? There are dozens of killing apps out there. Filling a need that is not required to exist.

Another issue in power consumption is using the data network. Some apps get updates and interface with the internet. For some people, it would be nice to do that when they are not using their phones. Getting updates ahead of time can improve how quickly an app launches. I have a comment about that. It should not be the default to do this. The default should be to interface with the internet, etc. when the app is launched. That is how I have it set up where I can. After all, my phone is primarily a phone.

My device is secondarily an internet connected computer. I only want to check my e-mail, etc. on my phone when I absolutely have to. Thus, I do not want it to regularly check in with my account to inform me that I have new mail. Some people are not like that, so that option should be available. However, it should not be the default.

Also, since some services (all now?) limit data access. Think how upset a user would be if their data usage (and battery) was used up by apps they rarely used -- or in some cases -- never used. Hence, there are lots of reasons to be data-usage aware. It is not just that access to whatever internet provider you use greatly utilizes the battery.

To sum up: Android apps should only active when the user launches them. When the user is finished, the app should quit. It is that simple, and that is how you should be thinking about them. Thank you.



The Dangers of Discount Taxidermy

I think I saw The Dangers of Discount Taxidermy open for Duran Duran.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bad Movies

For as long as I can remember, I have loved bad monster movies. Don't get me wrong, I love good monster movies too. My favorite bad monster movie is Godzilla vs. Megalon. I love every bit of it. I also love Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. There is so much cheese in those two movies, it makes me smile.

However, I also love the good Godzilla movies as well. I really enjoy all of the responses to the terrible thing that Sony called Godzilla. Godzilla 2000 and the rest are really good. They have very little cheese -- but they do have some. For the most part, I really love monster movies -- specifically giant monster movies.

The reason I am talking about this is to bring up Mystery Science Theater 3000. The first ever MST3K I ever saw was Gamera. So, you can tell I was hooked.

I thought it was a shame that the first episode I had ever seen was not available on DVD. They have been releasing episodes for several years, but there was no word of Gamera. Further, they released Godzilla vs Megalon as done by MST3K and almost immediately recalled it. So, I had almost given up hope. However...

That is right! The complete Gamera collection in one MST3K box. I got this today, and I can tell you that I am quite happy! Now please excuse me. I think Kenny is calling me!

Around the Campfire Comment of the Day.

As you may know, I run another blog called Around the Campfire. It has been around a while, so it regularly gets comment spam. One common tactic of spammers is to search for a term on a successful search engine. If a blog post contains their search term of choice, they will comment upon that post (with a link to their site). You'll never guess what this commenter searched for....

You gotta love them scrambled eggs!

Great story!

For the record, this guy searched for: scrambled eggs inurl:blog "post a comment" -"you must be logged in"

Illusory Rabbit Condition

When listening to the Illusory Rabbit Condition, you will need to choose between their two albums: Veridical-Rabbit Condition and Rabbit-Related Activation.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

For those who remember Techmo Bowl.

Here is a regular Bo Jackson TD run.

(Hat tip to SuperPunch)

What? Something funny on Jimmy Kimmel?

It is true -- thanks to Harrison Ford.

It is good to see Harrison can still act!

(Hat tip to io9)

Dwayne's Wednesday Robot Romper Room

(Lt) Commander Data: Star Trek: The Next Generation (ST: TNG) premiered their Pinocchio of the 24th Century in 1987. Data is remarkable for many reasons but the most curious is that he is not only anatomically correct but also fully functional. Why is this important? Well, I suppose it was just in case someone literally needed a "Love Machine" such as the case of a horny Tasha Yar. On the other hand, maybe it was to help Data in those awkward instances when he was stripping down in the locker-room with Picard and Ryker after a rousing game of 3-dimensional chess.

(Image courtesy of Wikipedia)

Assault Umbrellas

It think I saw the Assault Umbrellas open for the Flying Stenographers.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011