Monday, July 18, 2011

Around the Campfire Comment of the Day.

As you may know, I run another blog called Around the Campfire.  It has been around a while, so it regularly gets comment spam.  Right now, it is getting about 25 - 1000+ word comments a day.  Most of them are unremarkable (and similar), but this one caught my eye:

Sex in a Cessna or any light plane can be exhilarating and since your flight instructor never trained you how to do this you will need to read all of this several part series of articles,polo ralph lauren homme, we do not want you screwing things up so to speak. In part one,polo ralph lauren, we explained the need for a practice area and separation between other aircraft, staying out of flight path of other aircraft and setting the aircraft up in level flight.Remember to be well away from restricted areas such as Washington DC. I cannot say for sure what those guys in the Cessna 150 thought they were doing,christian louboutin, but they must have had their heads up their butts.

It goes on like that for a while... Needless to say, the blue lettering are the removed links. Spamming does not pay!

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