Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Terra Mortis

I would be remiss in my duties to not mention this here.  Dwayne and I have an e-book out.  It is called Terra Mortis.  It is an anthology of horror stories from my other blog Around the Campfire.  Lots of zombie goodness to be had there.  (Plus some other stuff.)  Please think about purchasing it.  Thanks!  Also, if you do not want to put down $4.99 for this fine literary masterpiece, could you at least log into Amazon and give us a "Like".  We sure would appreciate it.

EDIT:  I thought I would add a few notes.

First, if it matters to you, it is DRM free.  Thus, if you buy a copy, you can put it on multiple devices without restriction.

Second, the Amazon preview includes the entirety of The New Computer story and a couple of chapters of Terra Mortis.  Those two stories will give you an indication of what is in store for you from this inexpensive book.  At least check them out.  Thanks!

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