Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Post 1000!

Hey! This is post 1000. What a strange trip it has been. Who would have thought that posting rock band names could add up so quickly.

In this time we have had nearly 10,000 page views. The three people who regularly visit, sure rack up the page views. Thanks people!

The two most viewed posts were both "Friday Iguana" posts. Sadly, neither of them were Hank. One has had 111 page views and the other has 100. These are by far the most popular. Images bring in the views!

Coming in a distant 3rd (55 views) was a post from Dwayne's Robot Romper Room. It was Mr. R.I.N.G from Kolchak the night stalker.

Only 575 of the total posts have been Rock Band names, so I have done other stuff. 76 were Robot Romper Rooms. (Thanks Dwayne!) Lots of miscellany.

I guess that is all of the nerdisity that I will get into. Thanks for visiting. Thanks for everything! Would it hurt you to comment now and then? Later!

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