Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gamera vs. Zigra!

As I stated in a previous blog post (this is the fifth installment, so you should know by now...) I purchased the MST3K Gamera pack. Since I have received it; naturally, I am going to live blog the watching of it. So, put in your copy of Gamera vs Zigra and follow along!

Theme song - la la la

Rootbeer kegger. Super party! Mystery voice is drunk on rootbeer!

Set wayback machine to Nia Peebles joke!

TV's Frank is a Stooge-a-holic! Thus, the Mads invent the Stooges gun with the appropriate Stooge gun defense.

Joel turns TV's Crow into a delicious shish-kabob.

Last Gamera movie...

Movie sign!

Back to the ocean credits -- with funky 70's theme.

Zoellner sisters!

The moon is a sandbox! (At least its model looks like it.)

Naration -- boring!

Horribly cheep space models. Where is the love Gamera movie makers?

Perky voice actors. I hope they're not on long. That would get old fast.

Kenny! (and Helen)

SeaWorld™ tie in. Get with it Kenny.

Kiss the picture? Then kiss the whale.

Kenny wants adventure. That will end well.

More SeaWorld&trade footage -- talk about product placement.

Cut up the dolphin.

Kenny (and Helen) are missing - big laugh.

Science destroys everything.

This is a movie and we watch them. So, why are they showing us people listening to the radio.

Magnitude 16 Earthquake? Let me see that would be 887,503,681 times more powerful than the biggest quake ever to strike the earth. I can't see it doing much damage.

Peanut butter sandwiches and lemonade -- these guys know how to live.

Kenny and Helen ate their lunch. They should be severely punished.

The flying saucer is seen on radar, so it wasn't Kenny's imagination. Glad to see the scientists aren't asleep at the wheel.

Gamera shows up. Helen does like Gamera. Hey a smart kid!

Attractive space alien. So, typical Gamera film.

Zigra star space ship? Never heard of it. Is it local? I wonder why the guy has never heard of it. It is quite a mystery.

Hey, Zigra is a Romulan.

400 light years means it would take 400 years to get here at what speed. Thanks for the science lesson.

Space is curved? So, you can ignore all of that Relativity crap!

If we learn anything from Gamera it is listen to the kids. They're smart...

Tell the earth about the alien magic tricks.

Wait, they can broadcast to everyone. Why do they need these people? If the aliens know whats best for them, they'd kill the humans now.

Magnitude 18? Dad is BSing the kids...

We see a model of Gamera made by the bots. Gamera has lots of room inside. He even has an interior pinball machine.

Tokyo was only a model.

Wait the humans polluted the seas on Zigra - the planet. We did this from earth? Very confusing.

Heavy anti-pollution message here. Must have seen Godzilla vs Hedorah. (AKA Godzilla vs The Smog Monster.)

Kids run wild. Kenny knows how the ship works. He is smart. He can make it take him home.

On the other hand, Kenny can't start a boat.

Kenny and Helen know too much... I told them they would rue the day they didn't kill Kenny on sight.

Zigra wants to eat the Earth's land animals. He must know about bacon.

Shark poorly greenscreened. Is that a shark? What is this all about?

Those kids would be toast without Gamera.

Gamera theme! They're saved. Drat!

If the kids could start the bost motor, Gamera would be unneeded.

Where are their parents. They were on the boat at one point.

Kenny knows all about time travel. He should teach astro-physics at a university somewhere.

Hey its 1985!

Kenny and Helen are only a little pretensious.

Interview the kids. They know everything.

Who is the third kid? Why is she horning in on Kenny and Helen's moment in the spotlight?

Get the best military doctors - listen to the kids. They'll know how to wake the dads.

They're going to attack Zigra. We know how well that will work.

Gamera Diaramas!

No Military fight scene? This movie has no budget.


Alien in a bikini. Hey Japan does exploitation!

Who are these people? And why are they in this movie? Is there a point to the fish argument?

Did SeaWorld™ pay for this movie. If so, they should have ponied up more money. No military fight scene? Cheap bastards.

Goodbye bikini hello short skirt.

Use the H-bomb! But there is no budget to show it.

Kenny and Helen escape. I would have never guessed.

Sure alien lady you won't hurt them. I want to hurt them...

She hypnotizing the entire planet.

Calling Gamera - where is he?

Gamera fighting the space ship of gumballs. Uneventful fight, but it was underwater?

Gamera's flame works underwater.

Zigra programs himself to be bigger.

Crow tells old fishy jokes.

Gamera vs Zigra was anticlimatic.

No cure for the Zigran hypnosis. I feel like I'm losing consciousness. Coincidence?

This movie is full of silly science. Nearly enough, but it worked.

She finally caught the kids. Go away or the kids get fed to the dolphins.

Recap on why the hot girl was a Zigran.

Good thing the kids were a part of the military meeting.

Toy helicopters - they are going down.

Gamera is dead on the sea floor. We can dream...

The plot is off the rails.

Doesn't anyone watch these kids.

Cheep toy effects. Come on SeaWorld™, fork over more dough!

Back to the party on the SOL. Sports talk.

Mike Nelson is Kenny.

Now the kids are in trouble. Where is Gamers?

Let them all die.

Only an hour. It'll be forever until they are dead

Zigra can talk without moving his mouth. Ventriloquist monster.

That was a slow 10 mintes.

I think there needs to be a few more experts in this movie. Someone get Stephen Hawking on the phone. Maybe he can figure out this movie.

And Kenny is dead...


Gamera is sleeping through this in the ocean

The Zigran hypnosis is getting to me. I am having trouble staying awake.

Back to the dead children.

Another underwater fight. We need buildings being smashed, but that won't happen underwater.

Gamera has sea-island green blood

Drat. The kids are fine. I had big hopea...

Now out of the water. Not much better

Zigra is musical -- when being played like a marimba.
With the music, we get a little Gamera dance.

Kenny has to remind Gamera about the flames.

Long fire.

More fire.

How long does Zigra burn?

Litter message.

Gamera splits.

Gamera song again.

Did anything happen in this movie?

Styles of Gamera song.

Gypsy as Viking version. Excellent!

The Mads with the punk version.

Press the button Frank.

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