Friday, September 9, 2011

Live Blogging Gamera vs. Guiron

As I stated in a previous blog post, I purchased the MST3K Gamera pack. Since I have received it; naturally, I am going to live blog the watching of it. So, put in your copy of Gamera vs Guiron and follow along!

Gamera vs Guiron

Theme song -- la la la.

The bots are eating lunch from MST3K lunch boxes!

Tom Servo has a note from his mom in his lunchbox. Tom Servo has a mom? Nope.

Cheese blockage joke doing double duty tonight.

The Mads invent a new centerfold - the Rorschach version. Only the crazy get turned on by them, so Frank sees an attractive woman and his mother.

Joel has collapsible trash can -- you know -- for camping.

We've got movie sign!

No ocean for these credits and the theme is lame.

A series of stills with voiceover. I was hoping they would describe the plot...

It starts off with scientists that could bode well.

Very poor dubbing. They should have hired actors to dub this.

I hope this guy is not a main character -- his dubber is the worst.

Kids discover the space ship. Scientist asleep at the wheel.

Mom doesn't notice the kid wearing a coat. He is definitely ready for bed.

Jump to morning with a song from TMBG -- maybe not.

Snuck past officer Kon-chan who was practicing kendo. He is clearly the comic relief.

Joel and the bots call him Officer Cornjob! So, Cornjob threatens to shave the kids' heads -- foreshadowing...

Kids are not afraid of bush shaking.

The space aliens are good at painting.

The aliens should have locked their spaceship before exiting - darn hooligans.

Stealing a spacecraft is -- being naughty. I am sure Mom will believe that story!

Kids are in trouble -- cue Gamera.

In space, Gamera can scream. Is there nothing he can't do?

Gamera song - in movie. I think they're going to get lots of mileage out of it.

Gamera loves juvenile delinquents. Honestly Officer Cornjob -- they were just joyriding that spaceship.

Gamera! Gamera! Gamera is really neat... everyone sing!

Gamera is really smoking

These kids can really fly that stolen ship.

Kids speeding away from Gamera. Rub in the whole turtle thing.

Mom doesn't believe in anything. I would have never suspected that.

Hey no adults listen to kids... Are you sure this is a Gamera film?

Model planet ... destruction cannot be far behind.

They call that acting...

Vampire Gaos makes a showing.

Razorface? Knifeface? Guiron vs Gaos.

Razorface reflects laser -- off goes the leg. Gaos is still lame -- get it? Lost a leg...

Gaos isn't long for this movie.

But a scratch! His arm's off? He is nothing be a head...

Aliens have transporter pyramids. They are so easy a child can use them.

Lots of cutting humor from the crowd.

They still think they are on a star. Don't they know the difference?

Servo makes light of the poor dialogue dubbed from the young characters. He is right.

How do you get off a moving walkway -- oh jump off.

Meet the aliens -- Gedney and Cloy.

No wait -- that was a disguise. These aliens sure are attractive.

Universal translator -- how convenient.

Still mixing up star and planet.

These kids are getting ready for their PhD theses.

Pluto is a planet. These kids know everything. Silly astronomy!

Computers made monsters. Those lucky Terrans.

Magician Joel uses Guiron Servo to cut Crow in half -- reveal is ruined.

Only two aliens left -- need to repopulate... I'm just sayin'.

These kids think they are really lucky -- it must mean trouble.

Crow is still wearing a shower cap (from the ruined reveal). Looks weird without the net.

They are going to eat the kids' brains -- they're not going to get much.

Hypnotized -- to get donuts.

What else do they learn? Gamera is the freind of kids. Yep, they're not going to get full on these kids brains.

Clip show! When Gamera destroyed that dam -- they somehow skipped that. They also don't show him killing all those people. He just saves kids.

Kenny! And Itchy.

Gamera footage from some other Gamera movies.

Mmmmmmmm donuts.

Mmmmmmmmm raw brains.

They are going to eat their brains and take their knowledge!

Mom is not worried about her kids running away. They'll be fine. It is not as if their any brain eating aliens around anywhere.

Officer Cornjob is on the job!

Those stone stairs down are very convenient.

Doesn't mom know that kids know everything?

Lunch time!

Here comes Gamera to keep the kids safe. He will try to prevent them from... They ate the donuts.

Out they go...

Hair cutting time -- officer Cornjob misses his chance.

Gamera vs missiles -- standard result.

Release the steaknife!

Monster fight -- Gamera takes the early lead.

Ninja stars -- that was unexpected.

Guiron's advantage continues as Gamera bleeds profusely. Spock blood!

Plot is revealed to Kids! These two will foil everything!

Kids escape because the aliens ignored them. Clearly, these two aliens do not believe in security.

Bad boys bad boys what you going to do?

Locked up at last in a shake machine.

Back on Earth, the reporters want to interview the girl because kids know everything. Why don't the parents think so?

No one cares about the moms whose sons have been kidnapped by brain eating aliens. Let's hear from the little girl.

Crow T Robot does a good Richard Burton. (One of the kids has a vague similarity to Richard Burton.)

Who is Afraid of Gamera Turtle and King Arthur in musical Gamera are two Richard Burton films I've missed.

Back in the movie, Gamera will save the kids because they are trapped in a megaphone. He can hear whatever they say.

Rex Dart (gun) -- Eskimo Spy. Getting plenty of mileage out of that.

Release the Guiron!

Alien ship cut in half. Everyone is stuck on the planet now.

Alien treatchery. Now only one alien left. That was smart.

The Tom character in the movie takes a styrophoam rock to the noggin.

In the water, Gamera is healed.

Monster fight is back on.

Tempering the monster blade with a little Gamera fire.

Gamera even jumps up and down slowly.

Gamera nails the landing.

Guiron is back in his coffin.

Gamera goes underwater to regenerate again. His opponent is a knife faced creature, but the ninja stars get him every time.

Wait how did Guiron get out?

Underwater fight without the water.

Guiron in space!

Guiron's blade stuck in the ground -- how embarrassing.

Last alien is dead.

Guiron is cooked.

Hey! Gamera can weld. He welds the spaceship back together.

Kids get jammed into jury rigged spaceship.

Return of Gamera song. We believe in Gamera.

Once again kids observe objects before scientist.

Listen to the kid! Tell them Cornjob.

In his mouth?

Maybe if you watched your kids more closely...

Hey they got the planet thing right.

We are anxious for the dissertation.

Festive Gamera song in mock Japanese. Hirohito Gamera

Black haired Mike Nelson telling celebrity gossip on the piano.

Plays Gamera theme in a Roger and Hart way then Gershwin. Kill him!

Press the button...

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