Thursday, August 25, 2011

Live Blogging Gamera vs Gaos

As I stated a few weeks ago, I got the MST3K Gamera pack in the mail. So, naturally, I am going to live blog the watching of it! We have reached the third movie of the five. It is Gamera vs Gaos! Grab your copy and follow along!

Gamera vs Gaos

Theme song - la la la.

Lucile Ball and Harvey Fierstein and the raspies.

Gypsy's impression.

The Mad's invention is printing your inner-self . Hey! Dr. Forrester's inner-self is hot.

Joel's fax machine kleenex dispenser. What's a fax machine?

Frank's inner-self is now Gamera!

Apparently they only could afford ocean shots for the opening credit. Thanks Sandy!

Another lousy theme song.

Pretty good helicopter effect. For shorting, green screen. Good stuff -- until it takes off.

Roadwork company is pushing around the locals. Evil roadwork company!

They're putting the road right through Gamera's house. That sounds like a good idea.

Volcano firing on helicopter. It cut it in half! (Poor effect)

Get Kenny on the Gamera story.

Farmers mean business. Could I get a harumph?

Head man of a mob of farmers? What are you thinking?

Rex Dart reference! I don't think it's the same guy.

Itchy? Must mean Kenny. What kind of name is Itchy anyway?

Bad voice actor...

Farmers and their diabolical sabotage.

When something is glowing green it means there is gold there. Yeah that's it.

Kenny knows newspaper reporters on sight. He must recognize them from their bi-lines.

Kenny will fall for any old story.

That's right Mr. Adult Newspaper Man, ask the boy what something is.

Kenny -- being called boy by newspaper man -- has slingshot. Kenny is Dennis the Menace!

Here is a good idea. Let's go into the mysterious glowing cave.

Why isn't reporter guy taking pictures? He has a camera!

And he's dead.

Watch out for falling Styrofoam!

Gaos has the best roar of the Gamera world so far.

Who will save Kenny? Gamera that is your cue.

The monsters fight over Kenny. Isn't that sweet?

Paper craft with Joel. Don't drink the mucilage. The bots are being precocious.

The bots don't offer good advice -- but the word of the day is booger. So, I'll listen to them.

Gaos is suddenly better shot now. It took several tries to get that slow moving helicopter, but fast moving jets? Only needs one shot.

It's the old rolling Gamera trick.

Kenny falls 200 feet to the safety of Gamera.

With Kenny on the back Gamera takes off. Wouldn't the Gamera flying spin throw him off? Wait he doesn't have to spin to fly?

Oh his name is Eiichi.

Gamera knows where Eiichi lives? Gamera knows everything. Why is Gamera stalking Eiichi?

How is Eiichi going to get off Gamera's back?

Gamera should have thought about that before he put Eiichi on his back.

Is he going to mention the dead reporter?

Here is an idea, let the kid name the monster. Kids know everything. What could go wrong? Gaos? I thought Itchy would name him Scratchy...

Silly scince! He is describing a laser, and not very well.

Monster skeleton!

Two throats? So crazy it might work. (Do they know for sure Gaos has two throats or are they just guessing?)

But what does Eiichi think?

Ineffective army away! Oh wait, airforce first.

Gamera has excellent hearing.

Old TV -- picking up cable.

Gaos roar and cut.

Are the comic relief guys going to survive the movie? Let's watch.

We have found the cows!

Eiichi needs some Ritalin.

Is the construction crew to blame for Gaos?

Greedy farmers won't sell! So, who is the bad guys in this sub-plot? I thought it was the road construction people.

Construction crew mutinies.

Eiichi! He knows everything about Gaos. Everyone should listen to him.

Agil flair system! I didn't see that coming!

Gameron dammeron... a lot for a little.

Gaos is affraid of the light? So, is Gaos a giant vampire or something?

Who would have thought he would fall asleep? I for one am shocked.

Cue tanks. I'm sure it'll work.

Gaos is nothing like Rodan with that wind power thing.

Hey a real train. They are pulling out all the stops!

Rampage. It is only a model.

Everyone turn on your lights. It must be a plot by Montgomery Burns.

Fakey car driving footage -- for that?

Gaos's flapping can stave off Gamera. If we had only known.

Mid-air collision.

Laser vs Gamera shell? Shell wins!

They were very high up or they fall really slow.

The sun rises fast in Japan!

Did Gaos lose a foot? Yep. How will he cope with that?

Gaos is shrinking? Perhaps a useless plot point.

More silly science! Love the silliness of it!

So, Gaos shrinks when exposed to UV. Gaos is a shrinky-dink. He's not a vampire after all.

The green glow (which we know is because of gold) is regenerative. Hello foot!

A UV laser would never work.

Eiichi tell us what to do.

Silly spinning science, but that part of the plan was not thought up by Eiichi.

Is there anything Eiichi doesn't know?

Why is construction guy in charge of the spinning hotel? Isn't he in charge of the highway? Couldn't they get anyone else?

A blood lure -- of course! Why didn't Eiichi think of that?

Farmers want to deal now? Their timing is great. You tell them old man!

Fake blood is the mans greatest achievement!

Tom Servo and must be the Crow Show. Gaos "The Great" spinning the Gameras.

Gaos is on the loose deploy the blood. Are we sure he isn't a vampire?

Operation blood spray is in full effect start the top.

Why doesn't Gaos fall off because of inertia? Please Eiichi, explain that to me.

One minute to sunrise. What five minutes now? Can't anyone tell time?

Dizzy Gaos plan didn't work. But, it was so well thought out.

Hey Eiichi call Gamera again!

Farmer subplot is getting tired. Not sure who to root for. Can't Gaos kill them all?

Eiichi's sister in a heartfelt plea. Drama!

Eiichi is hatching a plan. I'm sure it'll work.

It starts with a fire. Fire! Fire! Ritalin would sure help Eiichi.

How could Eiichi's plan fail? There is no possible way!

Drop more napalm!

And here comes Gamera.

Fight fight fight.

Gamera 2 minutes for boarding.

Gamera got a good hunk of something.

Gamera is floating like a butterfly.

Dropped from the top rope.

Suddenly Gamera is getting beat up. Try plugging Gaos's mouth with a rock.

Brutal. Gaos has pink blood.

Japanese nights are really short. It's dawn already. I guess time flies when the monster's fight.

Gamera drags Gaos into the volcano.

Farmers decide to accept the evil road crew's offer even after they released the vampire Gaos and caused all that destruction. Road crew wins!

Eiichi waves goodbye.

Hey a highlight real. We could have saved a bunch of time by showing this. Very little Road crew/Farmer subplot. It was like it was completely unnecessary...

The End.

How to off Gaos. All those suggestions would be better than the movie.

Push the button Frank.

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