Thursday, August 11, 2011

Live Blogging Gamera!

As I stated in a previous blog post this week, I got the MST3K Gamera pack in the mail.  So, naturally, I am going to live blog the watching of it.  So, put in your copy and follow along!

MST3K Gamera

Opening theme -- la la la.

Exercising and warm-up activities with diction help from Tom Servo.

Joel's all you can eat take-out salad. (That's one weird salad.)

Frank introduces his pet vacuum. Bye bye Tweety!

Movie sign!!!

Boring water credits.

Camera -- er -- Gamera

Joel and the bots are making fun of Japanese names.

Toy planes.

Bad dubs...

Toy boat.

Telegraph humor.

Bad dubs -- oh wait these people are speaking English.

Dog fight. USA USA.

Nukes on that shot down plane. Whose was it? Hey this is important. Which country was flying nukes? We have a right to know!

Naturally, the plane crash (with the nukes) awakens Gamera.

The American actors in this movie are horrible.

Legendary stone. Brings evil. Of course!

Great Eskimo face. Not quite Rex Dart, but lots of character.

Gamera's snow fort.

Where are they going to go when they abandon ship? Wouldn't being on life boats be just as bad?

New York played by a matte painting.

Why is the doctors daughter there at the press conference? Is she going to add anything?

Gamera is dead already! Movie's over! Hey wait a minute...

Hey, it's that guy!

Gamera fly-by!

Overly dramatic.

The photographer survived because of whiskey -- or love.


Kenny is obsessed with turtles. This can't end well.

Motherless Kenny stealing food for turtle -- Tibby!

Free Gamera!

Release the turtles!

Kenny frees Tibby, the box turtle. Or, does he?

Tibby song. Well done Servo.

Crow dissed servo with salmonella joke. Reptiles always getting dissed because of salmonella. Hey! There is salmon right in the name! Why not blame the fish?

Gamera and Kenny together at last.

A friendship made in a radioactive heaven. Too bad a lighthouse had to bite it -- oh and all of those dead people.

Gamera is good! Again, tell that to the families of the victims of Gamera's rampage.

So that's a phone.

Unreliable sources spread rumors about Gamerea.

Tibby or not Tibby -- That is Crow's question.

Kenny's turtle is gone? Didn't think so.

Wild turtle chase! Too bad turtles are known for being so speedy.

Gamera rampage at last!

Doctor vouching for stalker. It's a lovely moment.

We should try science!

Nah we'll use tanks

Maximum power renews Gamera so start the tanks. I know it'll work this time. It isn't like turtle shells are tough or anything.


Gamera roar -- not as good as Godzilla's

How do you solve a problem like Gamera

That guy in the wig and fake beard is a scientist I can tell.

Fire missiles -- extra missiles.

Listen to the kid -- Kenny knows. After all, he is obsessed with turtles.

Oh! Gamera feeds on fire. Did you guys note that?

Wait wasn't Gamera found in the ice and snow. Now he likes the heat?

Not Devils Mountain!

I wonder how long we have with this freezer bomb? They never say how long we have like is it 10 minutes? 10 minutes? Is it 10 minutes? I am guessing it is 10 minutes. It gives us 10 minutes right? 10 minutes?

Everybody hates Kenny -- truer words have never been spoken.

Throw the book at the delinquent!

Freezebomb away! How much time do we have?

What are they drilling?

Oh! they are placing dynamite. Did anyone mention that Gamera eats fire? How is this dynamite thing suppose to work?

Yeah that'll work. I have all the confidence in the world in Mr. Scientist and his scientist friends.

A turtle will die because its on its back! That is a scientific fact. Plus it'll only take a few minutes.

Jets for legs!

Gamera can fly upside down!

They should have consult the stone before they tried that dynamite thing!

That guy again!

Kenny has a new hobby building Gamera a house.

Kenny in Tokoyo. Why? Right because Gamera is going to attack there.

See Tokyo tower -- it'll be destroyed soon.

Tibby and Gamera are cousins. I am taking Kenny's word on that.

Who would throw rocks into a river. Nevertheless, why was Kenny collecting rocks? How are these rocks important? Good thing they are not a part of the plot or I would be lost.

At some point this movie will begin to make sense -- I can dream can't I?

Why do these people trust this doctor? He has shown no expertise in anything. He hasn't been right about anything yet.

Not Plan-Z!

Models mean more rampaging!

Rock and roll Japan style.

Gamera is hip with these cool cats. They don't have to split dad!

Hey! I thought Gamera liked kids. These teens probably picked on Kenny so they deserved to die!

Yeah Rampage! There is Tokyo tower going down!

Supercar wasn't so Super...

Gamera is doing bad things. Does Kenny know about this?

Kenny tells Gamera to behave, and he does?

Japan, The U.S., and Russia cooperating during the cold war. Yeah, that's likely.

This zoologist hasn't been right before, why do they trust him now.

What do you know he was right!

Kenny eat fire!

Darn he survived.

I am sure Z-Plan will work. Is it Plan-Z or Z-Plan?

How will Kenny get to where Gamera is being lured? Stow away -- doesn't anyone watch this kid?

Gamera in space. Mike Nelson as Gamera talking to the Satellite of Love.

And here is Kenny.

I think Kenny doesn't mind going with the pretty lady.

Good news we've found Kenny. Bad news is that he is in the kill zone.

Z-Plan involves burning the ocean. How is this water burning exactly?

I think Mr Science could be right. Damn typhoon.

The wind put out the ocean fire.

Photographer guy stows away too. Anyone can stow away in Japan.

Mr Expert didn't know Gamera ate fire. Some expert.

Still not clear what the plan was.

Wait what happened?

Its a lovely matte painting. Why are they showing it?

It's a trap!

So, why was Kenny excited about Z Plan?

Did they just launch a turtle to Mars?

What is Gamera going to eat and breath and...?

These end credits are like the opening ones. Nothing but ocean.

Cast recap including that guy (Who is Bokuzen Hidari who appeared in The Seven Samarai and other 2 other Kurosawaa films.)


Push the button Frank!

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