Thursday, February 10, 2011

An open letter to software developers.

To whom it may concern:

I was an IT specialist for 16 years, and I have installed hundreds of software packages.  I loved it when software companies made it easy for me.  The install could be done silently.  Just install and not worry about anything else.

However, there is a most annoying trend going on.  I am looking at you Sun Micro Systems!  (and Adobe, and others.)  During the install process, you ask if I want to install a completely unrelated program.  You know, if I wanted the Yahoo! toolbar, I would install the @$#%*&@ thing!  If I wanted the Registry Mechanic I would download and install it.  If I wanted a free crappy program, I know where to find hundreds of them.  I am installing your program!  That is why I am installing it.

Further, when an update is required -- same people -- I have to uncheck the same box that I unchecked when I installed you the first time (and every subsequent time).  Perhaps for a home user it is not an annoyance -- but I doubt it.  You may have your reasons, but they are not good enough.  We are customers!  We are not just eyes for your marketing.  If you annoy us enough, we will go elsewhere!  We do not your software, and there are alternatives.  So straighten up, and stop being annoying!  It has gone on long enough!

Your friend


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