Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rant of the week -- I guess.

So, I watched the movie "The Losers" on DVD.  If you like mindless spy/action movies, you will probably like this one.  Lots of action, some intrigue, some comedy -- in other words -- my kind of movie.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  However, this is not about the movie, it is about the DVD.

I viewed this movie through an online video borrowing service.  I received the DVD in the mail, and watched it (rather than online streaming.)  I enjoyed the movie so much, that I would consider purchasing it to view whenever I choose.  However, I will not be doing that.

You see, when I put in the movie it started in on ads.  (Some folks call them trailers.)  That is fine and dandy.  I have no problem with them including advertising for other movies that this company has produced.  What I do have a problem with is not being able to skip them.  This DVD had perhaps 6 or so trailers that you could not skip.  The "DVD Menu" button was disabled.  The "Next" button was disabled.  The only thing a person viewing this movie could do was fast forward through these previews.  And there was at least 6 of them.

So, imagine that you have your favorite movie on DVD.  But, before you can watch it, you have to sit through 10 minutes of trailers BEFORE you could even watch this movie.  No choice!  A DVD you own forcing you to watch several trailers of movies you do not even care about.  You purchased this movie!

There have been plenty of movies that I have enjoyed that I said to myself, "I wonder what other films this company has to offer?"  After the movie I intentionally viewed the advertisements provided.  This movie, I fast forwarded through the ads, so I do not even know what they were about.  I just sat there stewing as I fast forwarded through them.  I do not even know how many there were or what they were about.  And I enjoyed this movie so much, that I would have sought them out.

So, stupid movie executives.  Not only did you lose a DVD sale because of this practice, but you also prevented me from possibly checking out additional films by you.  Further, I will remember, and I will keep track to see if this becomes a standard practice for all of your DVDs.  I will be avoiding them as well.  Trailers are my choice -- no yours!

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